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Blog Top 4 Reasons to Match Horoscopes before Marriage Top 4 Reasons to Match Horoscopes before Marriage

Horoscope matching is a veritably pivotal thing that’s followed in Indian culture before anyone ties the matrimonial knot. Horoscope matching has its own significance and there are relatively a lot of reasons why it should be followed before you start the new phase of your life.

Let us have a look at the top 4 reasons why checking horoscope comity is pivotal for any marriage in Hindu culture

Checking marriage comity

Marriage is considered relatively sacred in Hindu culture. It’s believed that when two people get married, they come on soul and should walk together in the path of life not only for their present lives but also for the remaining seven lives. Each partner has an effect on the fate and luck of the other. Horoscope matching examines the positions of elysian bodies and their goods on mortal lives. Carrying out horoscope matching before getting wedded is necessary for a joyful connubial life.

Testing Relationship quotient

There’s a conception called guna or ashtakoot which is an important parameter to be taken into consideration while matching horoscopes. There are eight gunas which need to be matched to test the overall relationship comity. Every guna is associated with points and these points give a aggregate of 36 when added together. For the kundalis to match, a minimum of 18 points must be attained. The more the points attained, the better the comity between the couple.

The criteria for the guna matching include

Varna – Caste matching

Vashya – magnet

Tara – Life

Yoni – Nature and characteristics

Graha Maitri – Natural fellowship

Gan – Mental comity

Bhakoot – Effect of one on the other

Nadi – Possibility of child birth

assaying internal and physical comity

Horoscope matching is done to check the internal and physical comity between the couple. effects like the mindset of the individualities, their geste
, station and temper are checked. The health conditions of the bridegroom as well as the bachelor are checked order to insure a healthy and happy marriage. Further, the position of physical magnet and advisability for each other are checked which are relatively necessary if a marriage is to succeed.

prognosticate fiscal conditions and family adaptation

fiscal stability is veritably important for any person. This is one veritably important thing that parents of the bridegroom and bachelor look into before approving the marriage. fiscal stability along with chances of job creation and job prospective in the future are anatomized. Another veritably important thing that’s looked at is how important will the couple be suitable to acclimate with each other along with their separate families and whether they would be suitable to acclimate with the changing life conditions or not.

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