9 Feng Shui Tips to Attract your Love

It’s said beauty is skindeep. However, the same can be said about love, If this is true. May be the word ‘ love ’, currently denotes a veritably fickle emotion that can get blown down with one breath of strong wind. With the help of simple tips of Feng Shui, one can keep one’s love life full and may also help to bring lost love back to your life.

Simple Feng Shui Tips

De-cluttering your bedroom

Whenever there’s a clutter in your bedroom that would also mean a clutter in mind. A cluttered mind doesn’t let a person to concentrate on any particular object, leave alone passions of love.

All kinds of dirty laundry, electronic widgets and laundry baskets should be removed and a clean clutter free air must be created. Get your love back by just creating some clean space in your room and your mind as well!

fire up the love

Having a beautiful brace of candlesticks, a vase of fresh flowers or a brace of hearts can help to produce an air of love and warm passions in the room. One can also choose elegant oils or artwork for fire up the atmosphere.

Choosing light cabinetwork that dyads up the two of you also works prodigies.

Don’t put up those photos please!

still, also this would clearly not be good for your particular space, If you have photos of parents or children hanging from your walls. Have you ever wondered with those filmland hanging around that you’re being watched over and get that impersonal feeling in your close moments! This means you really need to get the space clear of these photos.

This would really help to add further particular touch in your relationship.

Making way for new

still, you would need to make your living space fully new, If you had been in a bad relationship in the history or have lately suffered a break of a relationship. You should get relieve of curtains, bedsheets, and pillows, mattresses that carry that banal and negative energy. Do down with those particulars specifically that remind you of the old and worn out relationship.

Make your space full in love

Give your bed a makeover and let your partner be comfortable spending further time there. Make it more romantic and give it with a fairytale like look. Choose soft colors like pink, lilac, grandiloquent, deep red and the same. Pink color of bedsheets enhances the ‘ yang ’( mannish energy) and adds strength in your romantic relationship.

Don’t have a veritably big bed

still, you should try to replace it with a lower one, If you have a really big double bed. A big bed would most probably make the two of you drift piecemeal. While having a lower bed would increase the moments of being together and let the love between the two of you to spring up.

Choosing colors of love for decoration

tones that are neutral in color like ivory whites, browns, pinks, faceless, and grey should be preferred while buying accessories for your room. This would give a romantic look to your room.

Avoid creating ‘ Traps ’

It’s stylish to arrange your cabinetwork in a way that your mate or you don’t feel trapped in one corner. This also signifies that you also feel trapped in your relationship. There should be space on both sides of the bed.

Don’t place your widgets in your bedroom

Don’t convert your bedroom into a plant by using widgets like laptops and indeed mobile phones in there. In your bedroom, the two of you need to concentrate on each other.

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